Find new OLIVE GARDEN COUPONS on this fan page and take your time to look over the full Olive Garden Menu right here. This website is dedicated to coupon information and discount information for the wonderful Olive Garden Restaurant chain, America’s top destination for those of us, who love Italian food. Get the latest discounts for the restaurant and learn more about Italian Cuisine  in our video section.

Welcome! If you, like I do, LOVE the Olive Garden Restaurant chain, then you have come to the right place. And you will love it even more when you find out how to get a decent discount with the popular Olive Garden coupon system. After all, good food is great. But good AND cheap food, is better. It makes perfect sense to take advantage of the various discounts, that are offered in any store or restaurant. This website strives to offer information on coupons, but it is also intended as a fan page for Olive Garden lovers and for lovers of Italian cuisine in general.

NOTE: The company often lists some promotions on its own website:

Link to the latest deals on

Link to OliveGarden Gift Cards:

Olive Garden Deals for the current month: Olive Garden Coupons.

The complete Up-to-date Olive Garden Menu: Olive Garden Menu.

What is Olive Garden ?

Well, I am sure you know this wonderful chain of restaurants already, but if you don’t then here is a little recap:

Olive Garden is a restaurant chain that is specializing in Italian-American cuisine. It is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc., and has its headquarter in Orange County, Florida. Olive Garden operates more than 730 restaurants globally.

The first Olive Garden Restaurant  opened on December 13, 1982, in Orlando.  The chain proved to be very popular, and soon matched the popularity of its sister company Red Lobster. The company is now the largest chain of Italian-themed restaurants in the USA, mostly due to a concept of providing fresh, authentic and abpve all, tasty, Italian food at reasonable prices.

The Olive Garden restaurant is now much more than traditional italian pasta and pizza, however. The menu is developed at its Tuscany Institute in Italy and this menu is largely inspired by the local cuisine in the Tuscany region. Steaks and salads are now available in abundance and its soups has become extremely popular, as they are all prepared freshly in each, local restaurant.


There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of Olive Garden coupon offers. After all, why pay full price when a discount is available. The company encourages coupon use, as it ensures happy customers, that will, hopefully, return again and again.

The Olive Garden Coupon deals vary from gift cards to free desserts to large discounts on orders above a certain amount, typically $50. The coupon offers often change and you are advised to double check the expiry date of any offer.

Where can I find the Olive Garden coupon offers?

Olive Garden Coupons are often found in local newspapers or a sent directly to your home via mail. The coupons can also be found online at places such as couponmom. com Groupon and others. You will occassionally also be able to to find printable Olive Garden coupons and vouchers through Olive Gardens’ Facebook Page, where  you can sign up for the Olive Garden newsletter and receive offers directly from the company.

You cannot typically find any vouchers on the company’s own website, but they do offer Gift Card discounts the, with the following deals:

Discounts on gift cards apply to the on following amounts:
$500-999 5% discount
$1000 & More 10% discount

I have included a typical coupon on this page and will update the site every 2 months, to ensure that recent offers are available.

Other coupon codes:

$5.00 off two adult dinner entrees

$4 off any entree

Please note that the codes above may have expired by the time you read this.


olive garden coupons 2012 and 2013

Olive garden coupons can save you a good deal these days. Make sure you check online or in your local newspaper for coupons before you visit.

Olive Garden printable coupons and the Olive Garden Menu. 

Please, have a look around the site for older Olive Garden coupons and information about the newest menu changes and offers at this great restaurant chain. If you still have not been there, then do yourself a favor and visit your local restaurant Olive Garden. You will not be dissappointed.

Hungry for some Olive Garden loveliness? But you can’t leave the house for whatever reason? Then have a look at this great recipe for OliveGarden’s sausage and potato soup inspired by the Zuppa Toscana, a favourite soup among many, many fans. Well, it IS incredibly tasty, so get cooking!

If you are new to the coupon world, or even, if you are a seasoned coupon hunter, then I can recommend you to take a look at this excellent interview below with the ‘Coupon Diva’, who offers advice on how to find the best deals around.


Please have a look around for our site for more of the latest promotions and deals from this excellent restaurant. We have also added several videos with recipes from the traditional Italian kitchen for you to enjoy and the Olive Garden Menu, for you to look over.

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